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Investigation into WPD chief, deputy chief now month old

Published 5:00am Saturday, August 23, 2014


Wetumpka City Attorney Regina Edwards confirmed the city’s Police Chief Celia Dixon and Deputy Chief Anthony Crenshaw were presented letters outlining the allegations made against them.

Dixon and Crenshaw were put on paid administrative leave on July 21 after current and former police officers came forward to allege “wrongdoing” by the two.

Edwards said she could not comment on the contents of the letter sent to Dixon and Crenshaw.

“I sent the letter based on the information received from the city’s independent investigator (Dana Hill),” Edwards said. “We gave them three days to respond as to how they wanted to respond to the findings.”

Edwards said that Dixon would respond in writing.

Dixon has also filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and it is reported that Crenshaw has done the same.

Edwards confirmed that the city has received notification of Dixon’s EEOC filing, but nothing so far on Crenshaw’s behalf.

Crenshaw will respond to the allegations next week when he and attorney Mickey McDermott meet with the investigator.

“All the allegations against my client are meritless,” McDermott said. “He is confident he will regain his position within the police department and/or his honor within the city.”

McDermott said he could not comment about the contents of the letter received from the City of Wetumpka as per the city’s request.

The investigation has gone much longer than what Edwards anticipated.

“This is step two of the investigation,” she said. “Once the investigator has the responses from (Dixon and Crenshaw), then I would expect a final report to be returned.”

Hill was retained by the Wetumpka City Council at a rate of $180 an hour. Since the investigation is heading into its fourth week, the cost continues to rise.

“I have not received a bill yet, so I have no idea how much time has been spent on this investigation,” Edwards said.

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