Shannon Elliott

General Manager

The big Thanksgiving question: Sweet potato or pumpkin?

We’re hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family this year. My side of the family is rather small when compared to my husband’s. I ... Read more

Ladybug, ladybug … Don’t fly to my home

I ’ve heard several people complain about ladybugs this past week. It’s starting to cool off so they are in search of a warm place to ... Read more

Really? It can’t be Santa time already

As I was strolling down the bustling sidewalk through EastChase this past weekend, enjoying the 70-degree weather, I noticed the setup was complete for Santa. ... Read more

Halloween has always been fun for us

I miss Halloween with my kids. My kids are older than 12 years old and have been for some time. I actually miss the days of ... Read more