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The Ukraine on my mind

I’ve been thinking hard about the conflict in Ukraine the last couple of weeks. Serves me right that two days I write a column vaguely ... Read more

Where will military downsizing come?

We love the military in this area. There is a wealth of brave veterans who answered the call to serve, our neighbors, friends and family ... Read more

Day 1 for the new kid in the Legislature

What’s it like to enter the Legislature for the first time midway through the session? Alabama’s newest freshman lawmaker, State Rep. Mike Holmes of Wetumpka, ... Read more

Rare winter weather can become a milestone event

What are we going to call this week’s snowstorm when we tell the kids and grandchildren about all the fun we had in the snowy ... Read more

That was quite a ride wasn’t it, football fans?

I know many of you probably aren’t ready to talk about the end of Auburn’s season Monday night. Three points and a barely missed miracle play ... Read more