God is still in control

The Season of Lent presents to all believers a time to look deep within one’s soul and carefully examine the condition of the heart. The ... Read more

America yawns as feds warn of sequester cuts

I find the absence of terror at this newest artificial economy-in-the-balance deadline hilarious. Leadership in both branches of government, both houses of Congress, both sides ... Read more

Follow Reagan’s advice, ‘Trust, but verify’

Dear Editor: State Attorney General Luther Strange believes it is time to end the provisions that require state to ask the Justice Department or a ... Read more

Elmore County has a jewel

Dear Editor: I found a jewel in Wetumpka. On Jan. 8 I went to the Tag and Title Office to register my vehicle. I found ... Read more

Depot Players are a model for community theatre

I recently overheard someone marveling at the success of Wetumpka’s Depot Players – and bemoaning the fact that their own community “can’t get anyone but ... Read more