The coronavirus has impacted millions nationwide. 

One of the biggest areas impacted is school systems which have created a new routine for children. 

With constant news circulation and easy access to the internet, local counselors are encouraging parents to get ahead of it and talk to their children.

“I do recommend parents speak with their children about the coronavirus so they have facts,” said Emilie Johnson, assistant principal of Elmore County Technical Center and counseling coordinator for Elmore County Public Schools. 

“They have already seen and heard so much at school and on television. Every child is different and parents know their children better than anyone else. Talk to them on a level that they will understand.” 

She recommends the message is specific to a child’s age.

“I have a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old,” she said. “My conversations are different because my older child is better able to understand what is going on than my younger child.”

She and Elmore County Schools urge parents to use only reliable information sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Alabama Department of Public Health.

“Make sure the information you give children is factual but not scary,” she said. “They need to be reassured that we are staying home out of precaution for the health of others who may have weaker immune systems and to lessen the number of people who get sick.”

The school system requested of its parents to practice social distancing by staying at home and practicing good hand washing.

Elmore County Schools superintendent Richard Dennis released information Thursday a teacher in the system tested positive for COVID-19.

He informed parents to email Elmore County Schools lead nurse Suzanne Ragan at if anyone in their homes tests positive for the coronavirus.