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Jimmy Wigfield / The Herald The Elmore County Commission shows a sample of signs that will let citizens know Rebuild Alabama funding is being used at certain road construction sites. The commission approved Monday 24 projects covering 36 miles and costing $3 million in 2020. From left is commissioner Kenny Holt, state Sen. Clyde Chambliss, commission chairman Troy Stubbs, and commisisoners Earl Reeves and Bart Mercer.

The Elmore County Commission on Monday raced forward with its plan for using money from the new gas tax increase by unanimously approving 36 miles of road projects and taking advantage of just over $1 million in Rebuild Alabama funds.

“It’s a great accomplishment,” commission chairman Troy Stubbs said. “We’re fairly certain we’re the first county in Alabama to complete a transportation plan for Rebuild Alabama.”

The gas tax increase of 6 cents per gallon will go into effect Sept. 1 and will gradually increase to 10 cents per gallon by 2022.

Counties and cities across the state must have their plans for Rebuild Alabama funds ready by Aug. 31 but Elmore County wasted no time in recent months pushing to finish its list.

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State Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R-Prattville) announced he has decided against running for the U.S. House of Representatives seat held by incumbent Martha Roby, who said she will not seek reelection in 2020.

“It’s an historic moment,” state Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R-Prattville), who helped guide Gov. Kay Ivey’s signature and controversial bill through the legislature, told the commissioners before they voted 4-0 to make the plans a reality.

“The Elmore County engineering staff has led not only the county but the state. Tonight, you are all looking forward to, ‘Where do we need to be a year or two from now?’ I applaud you for jumping on this. This is also about what can be done 5, 10 or 20 years from now.”

County engineer and operations officer Richie Beyer said the county would use $1.995 million in federal funds and $1.030 million in Rebuild Alabama funds on infrastructure projects in 2020.

“Coupled with state and federal funds, this will allow us to do many projects that have been identified for years and we simply didn’t have the funds to do it,” Stubbs said. “We look forward to being transparent with the public on how and where these funds will be used. Without it, this would have been put on the back burner for a year and another year.”

Speaking of the county engineering staff and Chambliss, commissioner Earl Reeves said, “When you came to the plate, you hit a home run for our citizens.”

The 24 projects approved by the commission are:

• Castaway Island Road/County Road 360: Microsurfacing and striping of 1.87 miles from Alabama Highway 229 to the dead end.

• New Quarters Road/County Road 142: Base repair, surface treatment and striping from Taylor Road to Rifle Range Road.

• Old Rifle Range Road: Base repair and surface treatment of 2.2 miles from Redland Road to Rifle Range Road.

• Birmingham Road: Base repair and surface treatment of 0.77 miles from dead end to Alabama Highway 229.

• Little Kowaliga Road/County Road 479: Microsurfacing and striping 4 miles from Boswell Road to dead end.

• Oak Tree Road: Base repair and surface treatment of 0.57 miles from Alabama Highway 14 to Millbrook city limits.

• Dopson Point Road: Base repair and surface treatment of 0.9 miles from Alabama Highway 50 to dead end.

• Pirates Cove: Base repair and surface treatment of 0.09 miles from Dopson Point Road to dead end.

• Olympic Drive: Microsurfacing 0.45 miles from Jasmine Hill Road to dead end.

• Athenian Court: Microsurfacing 0.13 miles from Olympic Drive to

dead end.

• Aegean Way: Microsurfacing 0.26 miles from Olympic Drive to dead end.

• Haggerty Road: Microsurfacing 0.83 miles from Jasmine Hill Road to Jasmine Hill Road.

• Haggerty Circle: Microsurfacing 0.45 miles from Jasmine Hill Road to Haggerty Road.

• Brookfield Drive: Microsurfacing 0.11 miles from Ingram Road to Meadowview Drive.

• Meadowview Drive (Elmore): Microsurfacing 0.39 miles from Mercer Road to

Mercer Road.

• Cain Road: Microsurfacing and striping 1.22 miles from Crenshaw Road to Alabama Highway 111.

• Countryside Lane: Microsurfacing and striping 0.15 miles from dead end to Ingram Road.

• Mercer Road: Microsurfacing and striping 2.4 miles from Ingram Road to Dozier Farm Road.

• Coosada Road: Match for microsurfacing and striping 4.4 miles from Alabama Highway 143 to Blackwells Drive.

• Edgewood Road: Match for microsurfacing and striping 2.1 miles from Cobbs Ford Road to Alabama Highway 143.

• Ft. Toulouse Road: Match for microsurfacing and striping 2.4 miles from Ft. Toulouse to U.S. Highway 231.

• Flatwood Curve: Match for microsurfacing and striping 0.5 miles from Mehearg Road to Flatwood Road.

• Flatwood Road: Match for microsurfacing and striping 3 miles from dead end to Ceasarville Road.

• Deatsville Highway: Match for resurfacing and striping 5.5 miles from Millbrook city limits to Alpha Lane.

The last six matching projects on the list will be paid for with 80% federal funds and 20% matching funds from Rebuild Alabama.

The county commission also approved two other projects that will be paid for with 80% federal funds and a 20% match from existing county funds. Those are:

• Microsurfacing and striping 1.6 miles of Mehearg Road from Alabama Highway 14 to Flatwood Road.

• Widening, leveling, resurfacing and striping 2.9 miles of Laurel Creek/Rea Road from U.S. Highway 231 to Weoka Road.

The county commission also approved construction agreements with the Alabama Department of Transportation to microsurface and stripe 3.795 miles of Firetower Road from Redland Road to Alabama Highway 14, and 7.144 miles of Redland Road from Rifle Range Road to Marshell Road. Bids are expected to be let on those projects soon and will be paid for by the same 80/20 split between federal and existing county funds.

In other action at the meeting, the commission:

• Approved warrants totaling $1,116,919.05 from July 2-16.

• Approved an off-premises retail beer and table wine liquor license for Dolgencorp LLC for Dollar General Store No. 20157 at 150 Titus Rd. in Titus.

• Appointed Michael Waters to the Community Action Partnership of Middle Alabama, Rashawn Blassingame to the Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority Board, and Hertisene Crenshaw and Fagale Shuford Grant to the Crenshaw Park Board.

• Approved relocating precinct 0220 from Grandview Pines Baptist Church to TriCity Baptist Church in Elmore/Millbrook effective with the next election. Beyer said Grandview requested the change due to traffic problems during the last election and TriCity has served as a polling place before. They are only a couple of miles apart.

• Approved releasing $21,896.64 of unclaimed funds more than 10 years old to the general fund from the county’s fiduciary account.

• Authorized the county engineer’s office to order triaxle dump trucks, dump bodies, lowboy tractors and motor graders from the Association of County Commissioners of Alabama joint bid program.

• Approved a proposed plat for the Coventry subdivision in the Redland area to add additional lots.

• Approved a request to declare an emergency illness for tag supervisor Loretta White.

• Approved 40 hours of donated sick leave from Sam Williamson and Jimmy Woodall to White.

• Was notified of the resignations of equipment operator Earnest J. Edwards and dispatcher Robin Hodges, military leave for probate chief clerk Jacob Shamblin, change of status for Bryclynn Thornton from part-time to full-time corrections officer, the hiring of Nathan “Wyatt” Owens as a part-time corrections officer and Kristi Taylor as dispatcher, and the reassignments of Jordan Denney from deputy to patrol, Chase Shaw from investigator to DEA and investigator A. Carr.

Commissioner Mack Daugherty was absent from Monday’s meeting. The commission’s next meeting, and its only one in August, is Aug. 12 at 5 p.m. in the county courthouse in downtown Wetumpka.