The Elmore County Board of Education passed a resolution June 4 allowing superintendent Richard Dennis to prepare a written policy to manage the school system’s debt, a recommended step to get bond funding for new construction projects.

“There has been an unarticulated process where we would say we will stay within a certain range as far as debt we’re carrying so we don’t get overextended,” Dennis said.

System chief financial officer Jason Mann said several financing institutions said the system needs a written debt management policy to help in securing bond money.

Mann told the board Citigroup has been selected to help the school system formulate proposals to secure up to $40 million in bond financing to build a new career technical center, a new Redland Elementary School and address various maintenance issues and renovations, including the cafeteria and band room at Stanhope Elmore. The school system will likely reach a decision within two months on the proposals, Mann said.

The board voted 7-0 to authorize Dennis to prepare a draft of a debt management policy.

The board also approved the following personnel moves:


ARIS: Airport Road Intermediate

ECAP: Elmore County Alternative Program

ECCDP: Elmore County Child Development Program

ECHS: Elmore County High

ECTC: Elmore County Technical Center

EES: Eclectic Elementary

CES: Coosada Elementary

C/O: Central office

HES: Holtville Elementary

HHS: Holtville High

HMS: Holtville Middle

MMS: Millbrook Middle

RES: Redland Elementary

SEHS: Stanhope Elmore High

V/S: Elmore County Virtual School

WES: Wetumpka Elementary

WHS: Wetumpka High

WMS: Wetumpka Middle


• Katie Andrews, WHS bookkeeper

• Horace Ball, WMS fifth grade

• Ericka Barron, V/S special education

• Stephanie Barrow, SEHS science

• Amber Blankenship, ARIS fourth grade

• Delinda Carver, HMS special education

• Yalonda Cole, CES special education aide

• Amy Colquitt, ECTC health science

• Autumn Corley, CES first grade

• Michael Czerpak, Maintenance special projects manager

• Amy Deaton, HHS ISS aide

• Madison Easley, CES second grade

• Elizabeth Fike, CES kindergarten

• Rachael Garrett, C/O school nurse

• Kyle Goodin, WHS TV production

• Kayla Hale, CES first grade.

• Elizabeth Hargrove, C/O school nurse

• Shelby Hazelip, WMS fifth grade

• Cynthia Hines, V/S supervisor

• Cutter Holley, ECTC welding

• Stephen Horn, WHS English language arts

• David Jackson, MMS fifth grade

• Larry Jarrett, WMS math

• Elizabeth Johnson, MMS science

• Ashley Johnson-Alexander, CES pre-K auxiliary

• Stacy King, SEHS bookkeeper

• Megan Lane, CES kindergarten

• Kayla Lanier, RES kindergarten

• Shermaine Mahan, MMS English language arts

• Bailey McCallister, CES first grade

• Jenna Oliver, WHS science

• Jonathan Starling, WHS biology

• Robert Vilardi, V/S math

• Brooke Williamson, RES fourth grade

• Kirstin Wood, ARIS third grade

• Jacquelyn Wynn, SEHS physical education


• Kindall Auman, ARIS to WES speech pathologist

• Sandy Barfoot, ARIS to SEHS counselor

• Brittany Hopper, MMS to HMS math

• Timothy Mann, ECHS custodian to ECCDP general maintenance

• Daryl Otwell, HHS driver education to WHS physical education

• Pam Reese, C/O general office accounting to federal programs accounting

• Jessica Shields, HMS to ECAP-Millbrook counselor

• Tracy Smith, CES to HES kindergarten

• Corbin Stewart, MMS to SEHS general science

• Margaret Abbie Weldon, WES to EES second grade 


• Deborah Arrighi, CES kindergarten

• Tiara Billups, CES first grade

• Kendreah Dickerson, WES special education

• Justin Jones, SEHS science

• Michelle Morris, WMS English language arts


• Minerva Harwell, WHS math (military)

• Tara Batson Holley, EES kindergarten (maternity)

• Lindsay Norris, HES third grade (other)

• Kaitlin Sides, HES third grade (maternity)


• Kashundra Davis, SEHS teacher

• Adonis James, SEHS teacher


• Jack Mayer, special education psychologist


• Tiffany Hall, HMS CNP manager


• Justin Jones, SHES science, rescind non-renewal

• Tatum Smith, WHS TV production, non-renewal