Richard Brough painting

Richard Brough's 1963 painting, Picnic Area at Muscle Shoals.

The Dixie Art Colony Foundation is pleased to announce that another painting by DAC artist Richard Brough has been added to the collection.

This painting is unique for several reasons. This Alabama landscape was commissioned by the Ford Motor Company for inclusion in the July 1963 edition of their magazine "Ford Times." It was also once held in the collection of the Haggerty Museum of Art located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

The magazine was a monthly publication produced by Ford Motor Company. The first issue was published in 1908 and was published monthly until 1917 after the U.S. entered World War I.

After a long hiatus, the magazine resumed publication in 1943, and the final issue was published in 1993. Research by the DAC Foundation indicates that Brough painted more than 200 illustrations for the magazine. The foundation has 19 issues of "Ford Times" in the DAC Foundation Archives, each with one or more illustrations by Brough.

The DAC is excited to bring this painting by Brough, a long-term Alabama artist and educator, back home to Alabama.