Eclectic Youth Baseball

Mayor Gary Davenport and the Eclectic Town Council are close to reaching an agreement with the EYBO regarding Aaron Park. File

Eclectic Mayor Gary Davenport presented a proposed Aaron Park Lease and Agreement to the Town Council at this month's meeting on Aug. 16.

"The document is up for consideration," Davenport said. "The next step is for the EYBO board to review the agreement. We will have a joint meeting again before the next council meeting just to make sure that everything is good to go."

Davenport said the plan is for the council to vote on the lease and agreement at September's meeting. For the past several weeks, the council and EYBO board members have been negotiating a new lease and agreement regarding Aaron Park, which is where the league's games are held.

There was significant progress made at last meeting with the council and the EYBO on Aug. 3. However, the primary issue that still needed to be resolved was how the power bill at the park would be paid moving forward.

The lease and agreement proposed on Aug. 16 states that the power and water bills will be paid by the town of Eclectic. It also states that the EYBO will pay $300 per month for use of the park.

The EYBO agreed to reimburse the town for their portion power bills that went unpaid in past years. The EYBO owes the town just over $7,000. Davenport said the league plans to pay half by the end of 2021 and the second half in 2022. The $300 monthly fee is waived for the 2022 ball season since the league's additional resources are going toward paying off debt accrued from past power bills.

The proposed agreement also states that a member of the council or a town employee will be appointed to the EYBO board as nonvoting member. This particular person would serve as a liaison between the council and EYBO. In addition, the town and the EYBO will host a joint annual cleanup day at the park, as well as an annual fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Parks and Rec account to be used for upkeep and improvements at the park.

"I feel really positive about it," Davenport said. "I think both sides gave a lot in order to reach common ground. This is really positive for the town."