Law enforcement agencies have been in communication and have reached a resolution in attempting to solve the KeAira Battle case. 

Battle, 27, was a Wetumpka graduate and living in Montgomery at the time of her death. Her body was found with an apparent gunshot wound Friday at Elmore Community Hospital in Wetumpka.

Wetumpka Police Department chief Greg Benton held a small press conference Monday afternoon with local media and Battle's family to provide some findings of the investigation and try to progress solving the case.

Benton said Battle was murdered in Montgomery and her body was dropped in front of the hospital. Although WPD investigators had enough evidence to show the murder happened in Montgomery, Benton said Monday the Montgomery Police Department was refusing to pick up the case.

"We are not satisfied with what Montgomery is doing," Benton said Monday. "That is why we are here (Monday) speaking with the family. White or black, a child was murdered. A person was pushed out of a vehicle in Wetumpka."

It appears Monday's press conference has made a difference as MPD is now going to be involved in the case.

District attorney Randall Houston, who represents the 19th judicial circuit of Elmore, Autauga and Chilton counties, released a statement on the case Tuesday afternoon.

“District attorneys Daryl Bailey and Randall Houston met with Montgomery police chief Ernest Finley and Wetumpka police chief Greg Benton regarding the KeAira Battle homicide investigation,” the release stated.

Bailey said teamwork is going to be required for this investigation.

“After an informative meeting sharing case information, we are all in agreement that cooperation among agencies is the way to proceed with this ongoing investigation,” Bailey said in the release.

Houston said justice will be served.

“I have the utmost confidence that through the collaboration of the Montgomery and Wetumpka police departments we will be able to provide justice for the KeAira Battle family,” Houston said in the release.

As for case details, Benton said Monday there are a lot of moving parts that cannot be shared at the moment.

"I can tell you this, if this happened in Wetumpka we would have had the case locked up," he said. "We are not slinging mud. We are slinging facts."