eclectic fire department

EFD chief Josh Dorminey says the updated equipment the department will receive is going to help the department greatly.

New fire equipment is going to help the Eclectic Fire Department greatly, according to chief Josh Dorminey. 

The Eclectic Town Council recently approved the purchase of two air packs, two pairs of safety boots and a gas detector for the department. Dorminey said the department is updating its old equipment.

“Our air packs we currently use on the trucks are so outdated they’re really no longer safe to enter a burning structure or any kind of hazardous atmosphere,” Dorminey said. “These new packs are allowing us to continue to go into house fires or any kind of dangerous area without risking catastrophic failure with the older air packs.”

The air packs cost about $7,500 apiece and the boots are $300 a pair. The new gas detector costs $600.

Dorminey said the new gas detector can let the department know the explosive level of gas in addition to carbon monoxide levels.

“With this new explosive gas monitor we just purchased we’ll be able to go into a house or a business or even sometimes we get called out to the sewer system and this new gas monitor will allow us to actually know the danger level of the gas,” Dorminey said.

The gas detector will help the department in the winter when it get calls about carbon monoxide scares due to gas appliances and heaters.

“We got a really good (gas detector) at a really good price and I’m very happy with that,” Dorminey said. “I’m almost as excited about that gas monitor as I am about getting new air packs. Any form of safety that I can provide for the fire department so they can provide a safety net for the citizens is always a plus in my book.”

Dorminey also wants to remind citizens he is going around the area cleaning fire hydrants and painting the tops for yearly maintenance. Anyone who has a fire hydrant on her or his property should help clean around it for the fire department.