Eclectic fire dept

The Eclectic Fire Department recently received a new fire engine. File

The Eclectic Volunteer Fire Department will soon put a new fire engine in service on the streets of Eclectic.

The Eclectic Town Council recently purchased a $35,000 gently used fire engine for its fire department. Volunteer Fire Chief Josh Dorminey said the 1997 engine is like new with less miles than the department's newest vehicle.

"It's in great condition -- it's practically new," Dorminey said.

Dorminey said the department hopes to have the fire engine on the road within a week. It will replace a 1978 pumper truck that the department has been using as backup.

The 1978 pumper truck started having some mechanical issues and Dorminey said it was more cost effective to get a new truck rather than paying to get the 1978 vehicle fixed. The department plans to sell the 1978 pumper.

"Once we have the new engine in service, we're planning to do a push-in ceremony," Dorminey said. "It's a tradition among fire fighters to welcome a new engine."

During a push-in ceremony, fire fighters literally push the truck into the bay. The tradition dates back to a time before fire trucks were motorized and operated with horse drawn equipment. In those days, firefighters had to push their trucks into the station after a call.

The department also has a 2009 pumper truck, 2009 rescue truck, a 2014 ambulance and a 1998 ladder truck.

Dorminey said the department has an active roster of about 20 volunteer fire fighters.