The members of Eclectic Senior Center are like a family, one member said.

“Most of them say it keeps them from looking at four walls and they come and interact with other people and play games, laugh, cry and a little bit of everything,” director Minnie Johnson said. “It does make them get up and come out and everything.”

The senior center is open Monday through Friday and members play games and share lunch together. Johnson said about 20 to 25 members visit daily.

“I think most of it is it’s a place where they can go and interact with people their own age because there is an age limit to participate,” Johnson said.

Member Jean Stinchomb said attending the center keeps her going.

“This is a family and these are my brothers and sisters and that’s the reason I enjoy coming,” Stinchomb said. 

At the center, residents play games, have a puzzle room and celebrate birthdays once a month. The residents also play bingo and host Bible study together.

“Mainly it’s just a place for people to come and enjoy themselves and be with other people,” Johnson said. “We play games and half the time we don’t keep score. It’s just for fun.”

The members help with the town Christmas parade, go to dinner together and help fundraising efforts at the annual Alabama Cotton Festival.

“The sad part is a lot of them don’t know we exist here because it’s not advertised to all,” Johnson said.

The center has been at its new location on Fleahop Road since 2007. Johnson said the center is run through the Central Alabama Aging Consortium and the Town of Eclectic. 

Johnson said the town provides for building and necessary supplies and the CAAC makes meals and helps with legal counseling. 

Johnson said the center has lunch every day and provides meals to 12 homebound residents. 

The town also has a bus to transport residents to the senior center who live within a 5-mile radius, Johnson said.

Stinchomb said members’ ages range from 60 to even 97.

“Where would I go and enjoy fellowship with each other every day?” Stinchomb asked.

The Eclectic Senior Center is located at 19 Fleahop Rd. and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon.