Eclectic Town Council gives VFD access to senior center

Gabrielle Jansen / The Outlook

Above, Eclectic Mayor Gary Davenport declares April 21 through 27 Parental Alienation Prevention Week.

The Eclectic Town Council on Monday gave the town’s volunteer fire department access to the senior center in case of a tornado although some in attendance said they were against the move.

Eclectic VFD chief Josh Dorminey told the council the fire department needed the senior center as a location to run operations in case of a tornado or other natural disasters.

“Our thing was getting pre-approval and being allowed to draw a key,” Dorminey said.

Senior citizens at the meeting asked how the fire department would rearrange the center and Dorminey said the VFD wouldn’t take it over.

Councilmember Carmen Winslett made a motion to table the discussion, which passed 5-0. Winslett then made a motion to give the EVFD a key to the senior center in case of tornado warnings, which the council approved 5-0.

There will be one key in the fire department for on-shift firefighters to access.

The council also approved Dorminey’s request to apply to the Alabama ABC for an open container permit for the department’s annual crawfish boil May 4. Dorminey said visitors brought alcoholic drinks last year although they didn’t have a permit.

“There’s just no way to stop it and several of us feel that this is — actually I don’t want to make it seem like the fire department is promoting alcohol because that’s furthest thing from the truth — but with the allowance of alcohol at the crawfish fish boil this will boost our sales,” Dorminey said.

Dorminey was asked if there was going to be an area for people to drink or if alcohol was going to be sold and he said the permit would solely be for people to bring alcohol.

“We’re not promoting alcohol. We’re not selling alcohol. We’re just allowing somebody who wants to bring a beer to have some beer while they eat crawfish,” Dorminey said.

The council approved the request 3-2; Charles Powell, Linda Thornton Reed and David Goodwin voted yes, and Winslett and Jackie Stearns voted no.

In other action at the meeting:

• The council voted unanimously to participate in the back-to-school sales tax holiday July 19-21.

• The council announced positions are open for the Board of Equalization.

• Mayor Gary Davenport declared April 21-27 as Parental Alienation Prevention Week. Parental Alienation Day is April 25.

• Eclectic police chief Robert Head swore in three new officers.