BOE hire

Among the new hires approved at Thursday’s Elmore County Board of Education special-called meeting was Holtville Middle School assistant principal Shannon Duer, center, who is seen with HMS principal Lee Jackson, left, and ECBOE superintendent Richard Dennis. Duer succeeds Lori Terrell, who is retiring.

Elmore County Schools superintendent Richard Dennis told the board of education at a special-called meeting Thursday the system has two possible properties to locate a middle school in Redland and the Elmore County Technical Center.

Dennis said a Redland-area property owner is willing to donate a flat piece of property with access to water, two factors that would help lower the school system’s costs to build a new middle school in the rapidly growing area.

Seventh- and eighth-graders at Wetumpka Middle School would move to a new Redland Middle School, Dennis said.

Dennis said he was approached recently by the owner of another piece of property on which the technical center could be moved.

“It’s an existing property big enough for the technical center,” he said. “It’s a great location near the current site (of the technical center) and we could put other programs in there and we could save a lot on construction costs.”

Dennis said the school system could seek up to $40 million in bonds primarily for three major projects — the technical center, Redland Middle School and renovations to the band room and cafeteria at Stanhope Elmore High School.

The system has made a request for proposals and offers are scheduled to close May 21, Dennis said.

“We’re looking for the best offer, the most bang for our buck,” he said. “We’ll see where we stand.”

In other action at the meeting:

• Dennis announced and the board approved the framework of summer school for seventh and eighth grades on middle school campuses and ninth through 12th grades on high school campuses from June 3 to July 19 for students to make up work if they failed a course. If students complete coursework on Edgenuity before July 19, they will be dismissed from summer school. Students must pay $200 for one class and $400 for two; teachers will be paid $20 an hour for a maximum of 140 hours.

• The board approved the following year-end hirings, transfers, resignations, leaves of absence and retirements:


  • Kayla Brock, Millbrook, sixth grade
  • Anthony Byrd, Wetumpka High social science
  • Shannon Duer, Holtville Middle School assistant principal
  • Whitney Fulton, Wetumpka High math.
  • Wayne Gradwell, Millbrook bus driver
  • Aaron Griffith, transportation utility
  • Margaret Howell, Millbrook bus driver
  • Katelynn Lockhart, Airport Road Intermediate physical education
  • Kala Monfee, Coosada Elementary special education aide
  • Marilyn Porterfield, Coosada Elementary custodian
  • Dodi Richardson, Redland Elementary special education aide.
  • Alexandria Sharp, Eclectic Middle sixth grade
  • Brandee Steen, Tallassee bus driver.
  • Wilmington Stephens, Millbrook bus driver


  • Emily Franks, Millbrook bus driver to Redland bus driver
  • Kim Graham, Coosada Elementary first grade to reading intervention
  • Haley Humphrey, Holtville Elementary CNP to Holtville High CNP
  • Darrin Knight, ECCDP maintenance worker to maintenance department general worker
  • Reesa Price, transportation utility worker to Eclectic bus driver
  • Rickey Thompson, Millbrook bus driver to Wetumpka bus driver
  • Ellen Tucker, Wetumpka Middle fifth grade to Eclectic Elementary second grade
  • Debra Weldon, Holtville Elementary special education to special education department psychometrist
  • Rachel Cecile Whetstone, maintenance general office personnel to federal programs bookkeeper
  • Caleb Whorton, computer technician to lead computer technician.


  • Randy Belyeu, Wetumpka High biology
  • Holley Echols, Coosada Elementary pre-K auxiliary
  • Olivia Goss, Wetumpka High science
  • Brandi Hughes, Coosada Elementary special education aide
  • Robin Hurst, Wetumpka Child Nutrition Program worker
  • Chet Matthews, maintenance worker
  • Porsha Oliver, Wetumpka Middle math
  • Martima Penn, Stanhope Elmore math
  • Helen Pollard, Stanhope Elmore bookkeeper
  • Taylor Riley, Wetumpka Middle nurse
  • Rosalinda Saldana, Millbrook bus driver

Leaves of absence

  • Johanna Angelo, Stanhope Elmore High 12th grade English, maternity
  • Ronald Berry, Millbrook bus driver, medical
  • Kindall Colquitt, Wetumpka Elementary kindergarten, medical
  • Stephanie Munroe, Wetumpka Elementary first grade, medical
  • Ellen G. Warren, bus shop office aide, medical


  • Allen Barry Corbman, Elmore County Technical Center welding
  • Robin Davis, Stanhope Elmore counselor
  • Kayla Milam, Coosada Elementary second grade
  • Cynthia Wood, Wetumpka Elementary first grade

After the meeting, Dennis said the investigation is continuing into allegations a Redland Elementary School teacher improperly disciplined a third-grade student in March. Dennis said the teacher was placed on administrative leave after the student and the student’s mother made the charges and the state Department of Human Resources was notified.

The mother filed a criminal complaint with the Elmore County Sheriff’s Department, according to Sheriff Bill Franklin.

“To my knowledge, nothing legally was pursued,” Dennis said. “It’s still an ongoing investigation. It’s an Elmore County Board of Education issue.”

The next meeting of the Elmore County Board of Education is May 20 at 3:30 p.m.