Elmore County Museum seeks yearbooks of yesteryear

Cliff Williams / The Herald The Elmore County Museum has some of the yearbooks in its collection put under glass to protect them.

The Elmore County Museum is seeking to expand its collection of school yearbooks as part of several hands-on exhibits.

“It’s a fun exhibit,” museum curator Sharon Fox said. “We have grandparents bring in grandchildren and they will look at themselves. It’s fun see their reactions. Both kids and older family get a kick out of it.”

Fox recalled a child and grandfather who flipped through the pages of the books from decades ago and found a photograph of the grandfather.

“The grandchild was a spitting image of the picture,” a laughing Fox said. “The child thought he was looking at a picture of himself. It was fun to see them share a laugh.”

To help promote such interactions, the museum is looking for school yearbooks from Elmore County.

“We have (yearbooks) back to the late 1950s,” Fox said. “From there back we have a few but not many. We are hoping people will take a look around and see what they have. We don’t mind if they have writing in them as it just adds character to them.”

While the yearbooks are part of an exhibit, Fox said they have other uses.

“Some of my only pictures of my ancestors are from yearbooks,” Fox said, “so they can be a little bit useful for genealogy.”

Fox said the museum is looking for yearbooks from any Elmore County School.

“They can bring them by,” Fox said. “If they aren’t too far, I can pick them up too.”

The museum is also seeking documents and photographs connected to Elmore County.

“Some might think it is just a family photograph but it may have something in the background like a house or building that we don’t have,” Fox said. “You would be surprised what all we can locate that way.”

Fox said those who donate yearbooks and documents can keep the originals.

“Let us make an archival copy of it,” Fox said. “Those copies last for a long time and will be around long after I’m gone.”