Millbrook police took five people into custody after a shooting the police chief characterized as part on an ongoing feud left one man injured on Dec. 4.

“Apparently, they aren’t going to be satisfied until they kill each other,” police chief P.K. Johnson said. “It started as a physical altercation between individuals, family members on both sides got involved, and there have been several incidents between the two groups shooting at each other.”

At around 3 p.m., Millbrook police said they responded to the 4100 block of Abrams Drive after receiving a report of multiple shots fired.

As they arrived, police said they saw a vehicle speeding away from the area and several people running away. Officers later discovered the vehicle was carrying a 22-year-old who had been shot in his upper right arm.

The victim was driven to the Millbrook Fire Station for treatment by fire medics. Police said the victim, when questioned, said he did not know who shot him and would not seek to prosecute the person responsible.

While searching the area, police said they found three firearms, two of which had been previously reported as stolen. Authorities said four suspects who fled the scene of the shooting were detained and questioned.

According to the MPD, the suspects claimed they were outside near a residence on Abrams Drive when the passenger of a red Chevrolet Tahoe drove past them and a passenger began shooting at them. They said the Tahoe turned around and the passenger began shooting again.

Johnson identified Kison P. Tymes, 22, and Travoski L. Tymes, 25, both of whom list addresses in Millbrook, as the suspects shooting from the Tahoe. Both were charged with discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling.

The following were also arrested as the result of the investigation:

  • Carlos Q. Young, 23, who lists an address in Millbrook, was charged with third-degree assault and failure to appear.
  • Roger J. Young, 24, who lists an address in Millbrook, was charged with two counts of failure to appear.
  • Deayre M. Jones, 27, who lists an address in Prattville, was charged with two counts of failure to appear.

According to Johnson, Kison Tymes and Travoski Tymes were booked into the Elmore County Jail, each on a $20,000 bond.

Johnson said the incident and arrests are the result of an ongoing feud between the suspects and victim lasting for about a year.

Johnson said he is “absolutely infuriated” by the case and he would be naive to think the feud is over.

“The individuals have demonstrated over the past 10 months that neither family nor associates are willing to let this go,” Johnson said. “They seem to think that the only solution is violence.”

For the foreseeable future, Johnson said the MPD will continue to patrol the area and address any suspicious activity.

“There are a lot of good people that live in these areas, and they are sick and tired of this senseless violence, as am I and every police officer and support staff member of the Millbrook Police Department,” Johnson said. “The message is simple and clear: This type of violence has no place in our city.”