Marcus Edwards was denied an immunity claim in Thursday’s hearing but evidence presented in the self-defense hearing indicates at least two guns were fired in a 2016 triple death incident in Wetumpka.

Edwards, 25, of Montgomery is accused of killing Deosha Jackson, 19, of Wetumpka, Jacoreian Jennings of Wetumpka and Daryl Hunt, 48, of Elmore. Edwards is charged with three counts of murder and first-degree assault from the incident and prosecutors have already said they are seeking the death penalty if Edwards is convicted.

The state argued Edwards could not be granted immunity because he was convicted in Wetumpka Municipal Court of third-degree domestic violence and could not carry a weapon. The state also argued self-defense cannot be used as a defense if the shots were fired from a car.

Wetumpka Police Department detective Mike Hafley said he was on call when the shooting occurred on a Sunday afternoon in March 2016.

“It came in as a call of a shooting with multiple victims,” Hafley said from the stand Thursday. “We knew at the time two were deceased, one was severely injured and one other for a total of four. At the time we were hearing of the possibility of more.”

Hafley said law enforcement stopped a vehicle on the Bibb Graves Bridge that matched the silver car description described as being involved in the shooting only to find one of the victims. Hafley also said calls had come into dispatch of someone dumping a gun in the trash at Winn Dixie on Highway 231. Hafley said he recovered a 9mm gun. He also said law enforcement interviewed several witnesses who provided information on the type of vehicle, where the shots came from and identified Edwards as the shooter.

Hafley said he interviewed Edwards about the circumstances of the shooting and said Edwards referred to Hunt as “Bunni.”

“He said there was an altercation (earlier in the day) between him and Bunni,” Hafley said. “He advised me Bunni wanted money.”

Hafley said Hunt was also implicated by Edwards in the death of Edwards’ sister.

Hafley said Edwards was headed back to Montgomery when Edwards chased down his uncle Martin King to get the 9mm gun.

Hafley said Edwards admitted to shooting at Hunt.

“He said he meant to shoot Bunni but not everyone else,” Hafley said.

Through his attorney Robin McIntrye, Edwards called Jamario Harris to the stand in the hearing. Harris witnessed the incident and knew the parties involved. Harris said he saw Hunt with a gun and Edwards was out of the car propped up pointing a gun toward Hunt and the crowd.

“I saw Deosha crossing the street,” Harris said. “I seen a gun in Hunt’s hands. Hunt shot first. I see a shot go off and I ran and hid behind the bushes.”

Witnesses testified Thursday a gun other than the 9mm Edwards is accused of using fired the bullet that killed Hunt.

Medical examiners recovered a bullet from Hunt’s knee that entered his upper thigh, tearing through his femoral artery before lodging in his knee. The report presented at the hearing said the artery tear caused Hunt’s death but the bullet came from a .32 auto cartridge.

Medical examiners recovered a bullet from Jackson’s body and determined it came from a 9mm gun law enforcement said was recovered at Winn Dixie and was used by Edwards.

Circuit Court Judge Sibley Reynolds denied Edwards’ immunity motion but it doesn’t mean a jury cannot agree with Edwards’ self-defense claim.