Ingram State Technical College and Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin are partnering to bring adult education/GED preparation and testing services to Elmore County Jail inmates. 

Ingram State has over 55 years of experience delivering education and training to incarcerated adults, but this is the first partnership with the county’s correctional leadership.

“We are so pleased to be working with Sheriff Franklin and his team,” said Ingram State President Annette Funderburk. “Gaining new skills benefits individuals moving through the criminal justice system by helping them prepare for success after release.” 

Students enrolled in the program meet with Ingram instructors weekly and work independently between class sessions.

“The first week I brought a single chapter of outside reading,” explained instructor Frank Clem, “and this week I brought two chapters, and I’m sure they could handle more.”  

Clem said that in addition to preparing for the GED, the students are learning essential soft skills and preparing to earn the nationally recognized Career Readiness Credential. Clem works with male inmates while Ingram State instructor DeVona Sims provides the same service for female inmates. Both instructors are helping students prepare for the GED exam.

“It’s almost impossible to compete in the job market these days without a GED or high school diploma,” Sims said. “These students are making use of their time in a way that can have a long-term positive impact on their future.” 

Ingram State provides career technical training and adult education services to incarcerated students at eight locations across Alabama.