Gov. Kay Ivey 

Gov. Kay Ivey is extending the current safer-at-home order through July 31 at 5 p.m. 

The current order is set to expire Friday and will continue for another month. Ivey said social distancing is still required and people are asked to stay at home unless to go to work or for a necessity. 

"The fact is, folks, we are still in the thick of this virus disease and it is deadly," Ivey said in a press conference this morning. "We're learning to live with this disease and need to continue to do what we need to do to avoid another stay-at-home order."

Ivey said those things Alabamians need to do is continue to practice social distancing, stay at home unless to go to work or a necessity and to please wear a mask.

"Personal responsibility means it's everyone's responsibility," Ivey said. "You shouldn't have to order somebody to do what is in your own best interest and of those that you care about – your family, friends and neighbors."

Alabama Department of Public Health state health officer Dr. Scott Harris urged the use of a mask as well.

"The reason to do that is because you care about other people," Harris said.

Harris reiterated face coverings limit the chances of spreading the disease to another person.

Harris said with so much uncertainty in the world, this is something that can be controlled.

"This is one thing that we have power over with our own individual behavior," Harris said. "What you do affects other people. Please do your best to take care of those others."

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