Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes

Elmore County District Court Judge Glenn Goggans left Steven Sarandon Barnes’ bond set at $10 million cash Tuesday after hearing more details about charges Barnes raped a 5-year-old girl.

Barnes, 28, of Millbrook, is being held in the Elmore County Jail on charges of first-degree rape, aggravated child abuse, first-degree assault, chemical endangerment of a child and possession of marijuana.

After hearing more details Tuesday of what Barnes is accused of, Goggans said he was unwilling to change his mind on bond.

“I’m convinced you did this,” Goggans said from the bench. “I wish the law allowed no bond in cases like this. I’m keeping the bond like it is.”

Chief assistant district attorney C.J. Robinson said he was ready to present information at a preliminary hearing to show probable cause for the charges against Barnes to be presented to a grand jury but Barnes waived the hearing through his attorney Michael Griggs.

Griggs argued the $10 million cash bond was unattainable.

Robinson said the district attorney’s office is sure the bond is appropriate and revealed some of the evidence it was ready to present at the preliminary hearing.

“The injuries of the little girl are relevant here,” Robinson said. “She was clearly sexually assaulted. She had surgery from her vaginal area to her anus … He clearly has an unnatural sexual attraction to children.”

Robinson went on to say Barnes had blood on boxers he was wearing and the only person bleeding in the house was the victim. An infant and the victim’s mother were also in the home. Items stained with blood were sent off for testing to see whose blood and other bodily fluids were present.

Robinson said Barnes woke up the mother of the victim after the incident and wanted to have sex with her.

“He said he wanted it because his anxiety was up,” Robinson said.

Griggs tried to make a case the evidence against Barnes is circumstantial since test results have not been received. As Griggs spoke, Barnes started to shake his head and move his lips, drawing a rebuke from the judge.

“Quit shaking your head, nodding and such,” Goggans said. “Your attorney is trying to help you.”

Barnes made similar motions when Goggans called him to come forward. Barnes had been sitting in the jury box with his fingers interlaced near his face as if praying.

After the hearing, Robinson was pleased with the outcome on bond and said the child victim is recovering.

“I know she is still seeking medical attention,” Robinson said. “I have talked to her mother and she says (the girl) is progressing medically.”

Robinson said the child is getting counseling in addition to medical help.

Robinson said given Barnes’ prior convictions and the aggravated child abuse charge, the district attorney’s office will seek life in prison without parole, the first penalty for a non-capital offense Robinson can remember in Elmore County.

“As long as he can’t hurt another child, we’re happy,” Robinson said.