Wetumpka is known to care for its residents whether it’s neighbors helping one another, a church helping a family during a crisis or an educator going the extra mile for a student.

The same can be said for the city’s business owners.

Zap Pest Control owner Frank Bertarelli recently donated his time to sanitize TA Wear’s offices and warehouse.

“Stacy Taylor (owner of TA Wear) and I have been friends for a long time that’s kind of how it got going,” Bertarelli said. “He knew we offered cleaning services and wanted his employees and customers feel cozy and safe.”

Taylor’s company is considered an essential business by the state. As a result, he and the company’s 21 employees continued the work of embroidering and screenprinting.

Taylor said most of his business is from out of state. As a result, there are numerous packages and boxes coming in and going out of the business’ warehouse.

“Stacy was concerned with the boxes coming in and the health of his employees,” Bertarelli. “He is like all of us; he wants his employees and the public safe. That’s when we got together. He said he’d really feel safer he we came in and just sanitized the entire building.” 

Bertarelli and four additional Zap Pest Control employees went to work.

“We have a machine that sprays a mist and we wipe down those areas that are touched,” Bertarelli said. “We cleaned the computers, light switches, control panels for the equipment, the dollies they push boxes around. We went in and cleaned everything.”

The crew spent three hours sanitizing the entire facility.

Taylor said he and his employees realized the difference as soon as they walked in the building the morning after Zap Pest Control cleaned.

“You could just tell it was clean and fresh,” Taylor said. “Everything has been cleaned and wiped down. The windows and keyboards and light switches. Even the air smelled fresh. They did a fabulous job.”

Taylor said he appreciated Bertarelli offering his cleaning expertise to help protect the health of his employees and customers.

“He knew I needed this done and out of the goodness of his heart he did it for me,” Taylor said. 

Bertarelli said while the company may be known for treating properties for pests, deep cleaning and sanitization go hand in hand with pest control management.

“When we go to houses for quarterly treatments we ask if the owners want drain cleaning or any kind of sanitizing or cleaning,” Bertarelli said. “Bacteria grows in drains and roaches can cause respiratory problems so it kind of all falls into place.”

He said the company has also sanitizes vehicles.

“We’ve always done vehicles, especially during flu season,” Bertarelli said. 

As for Bertarelli’s sanitizing services, he said calls for the inexpensive process have increased due to COVID-19 concerns.