Joseph Snelick

Elmore County High School teacher Joseph Snelick teaches his students about fallen soldiers every Friday.

Even his U.S. Army experience comes in handy when teaching world history for Elmore County High School teacher Joseph Snelick. 

Snelick served in the Army from 2010 to 2014 and was discharged as a corporal on a gun team.

“When we talk about the wars it’s easy,” Snelick said. “I can talk about flanking, all kinds of how pints and movements are done and battlefield strategy and how any why certain generals and leaders did things. That’s easy there and that’s fun.”

Originally from Texas, he was stationed in Fort Benning, Georgia, when he met his wife Marlana Snelick while she was teaching in Auburn. The two married in 2013 and she began teaching science at Elmore County High School. 

“I never thought of being a teacher, however I’d always help her on Beta trips and with cheerleading,” Snelick said. “I was basically living here because she lives here. So I started to grow to end up loving these kids.”

After getting discharged, Snelick decided to get his master’s in teaching. He has taught at ECHS for two years. Snelick also coaches football and wrestling at the school.

“I like the small-town feel here so we ended up moving back,” Snelick said.

Snelick likes relating history to real life for his students and teaching World War II.

“(I’m) trying to better these children, help them become better young men and young women because I think the world’s taken a turn for the worse sometimes and I’m trying to make it a better place,” Snelick said.

While some history classes go over current events once a week, Snelick instead teaches his students about fallen soldiers.

“Every Friday we talk about a fallen hero who died for our country,” Snelick said. “Instead of talking about a current event, we talk about somebody who died and we honor that person.