Millbrook arrest


A 25-year-old Millbrook resident was arrested Wednesday after firing multiple gunshots in the direction of another individual, according to reports from Millbrook authorities.

According to the Millbrook Police Department, officers responded to the 2400 block of Main Street on Wednesday, Feb. 10, in regard to a civil disturbance at a local business. Officers made contact with multiple individuals who had been engaged in an ongoing dispute.

As officers were attempting to defuse the situation and conduct interviews with the involved parties, additional people attempted to become involved. As officers were dispersing those not directly involved, an individual traveling southbound in a vehicle on Main Street fired multiple gunshots in the direction of another individual leaving the scene.

Officers immediately pursued the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on Alabama River Parkway, just off Highway 143 South. The driver, later identified as Carlos Young, was initially taken into custody on an outstanding failure to appear warrant held by the Millbrook Police Department.

During the subsequent investigation, Millbrook investigators determined that there was probable cause to believe that the suspect in custody did, in fact, fire the shots from his vehicle. Officers located a firearm between the original scene and the location of the traffic stop and believe it’s the gun used in the offense.

It was also discovered that one of the rounds discharged struck a vehicle parked at a nearby business. Young faces charges of discharging a firearm into an unoccupied vehicle, reckless endangerment and violation of the license to carry a pistol. He was processed and transported to the Elmore County Jail, where he’s being held without bond until warrants are obtained and served. Young will still face the charge of failure to appear in Millbrook Municipal Court upon his release from his current charges. 

“We are extremely fortunate that no one was killed or injured during this incident,” Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson said. “The offender fired multiple rounds from a moving vehicle in an attempt to shoot an individual involved in this ongoing dispute. It appears that no one was injured as a result but during our investigation our officers did locate a vehicle parked at an adjacent business that was struck by one of the rounds fired by the offender. There are businesses and a residential area that were directly in line of the shots fired during this incident. This could have been a tragedy.”

Johnson said the people involved in the dispute that preceded the shooting have periodically been at odds since before he became a police officer in Millbrook, and Johnson just entered his 25th year on the force.

“I’m reasonably sure that some of these younger folks don’t even know why they’re at odds,” he said. “That said, this type of senseless violence won’t be tolerated. Our police officers and investigators would not have stopped until they had done everything they could to make an arrest in this case. All charges in this case were initiated by our officers based upon what they observed and evidence collected after the offense(s) occurred.

“As usual when this type of violence occurs, there are rumors and concerns that there will be retaliation, as well as claims that the police aren’t doing anything,” Johnson continued. “I think there’s a young man sitting in the Elmore County Jail that may have a different perspective right now. This case remains under investigation and it is entirely possible that there will be additional charges against the suspected offender in this case.”

People involved in the altercation that preceded the shooting incident may be signing warrants against others involved in the original dispute, according to Johnson.

“If that occurs we will most certainly serve those warrants in an expeditious manner, in hopes that they may be able to resolve their dispute in a court room, not on our streets,” Johnson said. “We will be conducting extra patrols in the impacted areas and there will be no tolerance for any continued violence of any kind. I want to thank our officers and investigators that were involved in this case. Their quick actions, dedication and professionalism displayed most likely saved lives. They did an outstanding job and I am proud to work alongside these men and women, as they protect and serve our citizens each day.”