Robert Thomas


Robert Earl Thomas, a 49-year-old Montgomery resident, was arrested by the Millbrook Police Department on Monday, March 29, after allegedly stabbing a man and then fleeing the scene.   

On Saturday, March 27, around 9:30 p.m., Millbrook police were notified by emergency room personnel that a person being treated for multiple stab wounds had stated that he was stabbed at a Millbrook residence earlier that evening. Frederick Adams, a 26-year-old Montgomery resident, told responding officers that he was at a private residence in the 3000 block of Grandview Road, when he became involved in a verbal dispute with an acquaintance.

The dispute became physical at some point when the acquaintance took out a knife and began stabbing the victim multiple times. The victim was transported, by private vehicle, to Jackson Hospital's emergency room where he was treated for serious but not life-threatening injuries. The victim stated that the offender fled the scene following the altercation. The case was turned over to the Millbrook Police Department’s Criminal Investigative Unit, which was able to determine the alleged offender’s identity - Robert Earl Thomas.

On Sunday, March 28, Millbrook detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Thomas for second-degree assault.

On Monday afternoon, March 29, Thomas was taken into custody without incident at the Millbrook Police Department.

Thomas surrendered to law enforcement after being profiled by CrimeStoppers, news outlets and social media. Thomas was processed and transported to the Elmore County Jail, where he remains under a $15,000 bond.

"We are pleased to announce this arrest and we greatly appreciate the role that CrimeStoppers played in this apprehension," Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson said. "Apparently, the alleged offender saw his profile or was alerted by someone that he was wanted in connection with this assault and he immediately surrendered to law enforcement. That prevents our investigators searching for him and is the safest resolution for all parties involved. We appreciate the partnership that exists between CrimeStoppers and law enforcement. This is just another useful tool in our tool box that helps us solve cases and assists us in apprehending offenders. It’s a great partnership and we appreciate all of our local businesses and organizations that partner with us to make apprehensions like this one possible. When law enforcement and the public work together everyone wins.

"In speaking with our detectives with regard to this particular case, I was disturbed to learn that the altercation that preceded this assault allegedly began over a disagreement about music or something along those lines," Johnson continued. "Despite the age difference between victim and offender, I am constantly amazed at just how little it takes for people in society today to become physically violent toward one another. A life could have been lost over a simple disagreement that amounts to nothing. That is both sad and ridiculous."