The Oaks expected to be built on Highway 63

Residents of Eclectic met Monday in front of the Eclectic Planning and Zoning Commission to discuss a new subdivision named The Oaks expected to be built on Highway 63.

The commission voted to send a recommendation of rezoning this parcel of land from small town mix to residential to the Eclectic Town Council. 

Trey Crosby, owner and developer of The Oaks, presented information about the subdivision to the commission. 

According to Crosby, the minimum home size would by around 1,750 square feet and the average price for a home that size would be approximately $210,000 to $220,000.  

He expects the 25-lot subdivision will be restricted by covenants and will have a positive impact on Eclectic regarding more people and more economic activity.

Crosby said the lots will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis; builders or individuals may purchase lots; and if a particular builder wanted exclusive rights to the subdivision it would likely take a 10-lot minimum purchase. 

Crosby said his initial plan is to have each house on a septic system. 

Several commission members expressed concerns about the size of the lots and the plans for the septic systems. 

The commission suggested a public sewer system would be a better option for homeowners if the town and Crosby could come to terms on a reduced price to install a public sewer system.