Elmore County Public Schools superintendent Richard Dennis confirmed Tuesday a teacher at Redland Elementary School has been placed on administrative leave after a third-grade student and parent alleged improper disciplinary action was taken against the student.

Elmore County Public Schools human resources director Susanne Goodin said in a release allegations about the disciplinary action were made a couple weeks ago and the state Department of Human Resources was contacted.

“We received a report from a student and the student’s parent concerning discipline of the student by one of our teachers,” Goodin said. “DHR was notified of the allegations as required by law and the teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave so an investigation could be conducted. The Elmore County Board of Education takes allegations of this nature very seriously. We will make every effort to promote a safe environment for our students and take appropriate action if wrongdoing is discovered.”

Dennis declined to say if the disciplinary action was physical in nature.

“I’m not getting into any aspect of that,” he said. “We’re following the guidelines as set by law and we notified DHR.”

Dennis indicated police have not been involved.

“As far as law enforcement, that’s not something we would initiate,” he said.

Dennis said the investigation began the week before spring break started and is continuing.

Goodin said Dennis will recommend action if needed to the school board after the facts have been gathered.

“We could do nothing or attempt to remove someone from their position,” Dennis said. “I’ve been in administration for 30 years and I’ve pretty much seen all types of incidents. Anything could happen.”