The Elmore County Economic Development Authority is asking citizens to complete a survey to gather accurate broadband information.

Residents and business owners in Elmore County are encouraged to go to to complete a short survey and speed test.

Existing FCC coverage maps for Elmore County have proven to contain inaccurate data. Often these maps depict broadband infrastructure and coverage in areas with no coverage whatsoever, creating a challenge for these areas to compete for funds to provide investment in broadband infrastructure.

“ECEDA is partnering with Sain Engineering to provide an accurate picture of the broadband needs in Elmore County,” ECEDA executive director Cary Cox said. “The information gathered in this survey will aid in attracting investments to improve broadband service and accessibility in the county.”

Elmore County Commissioner Bart Mercer said the survey is a critical step in helping come up with a solution.

“The Elmore County Commission continues to work closely with the ECEDA on ways to best facilitate the deployment of broadband infrastructure in the underserved areas of Elmore County,” Mercer said.

For more information on the survey, contact Cox at 334-524-0817 or by email at