Purple for polio

Purple Pinkies are Dunkin Donuts glazed donuts topped with a smear of purple icing. 

On Monday, Oct.18, in early celebration of World Polio Day, Rotary Districts in Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee are partnering with Dunkin Donuts to host a fundraising event for End Polio Now!

Through generous matching funds from Rotary Districts and the Gates Foundation each $2.50 donation becomes a total donation of $187.50 to help eradicate polio.

In the first 3 years, The Purple Pinkie Donut Project has generated more than $2,000,000 in donations to End Polio Now! The campaign’s goal is to raise another million this year.

In countries where the threat of polio remains high, every child under age 5 receives polio vaccine by mouth twice per year during events called “National Immunizations Days”.

When vaccinating millions of children in a short period of tie it is possible to document which child has received the vaccine, so every child vaccinated has the little finger, or the pinkie finger, nail of their left hand painted purple with marker that doesn’t wash off for about a month. Local communities recognize that children with “purple pinkies” will never get polio, which is cause for great celebration.

Over time the “Purple Pinkie” has become an international symbol of a polio free world.

Pre-order 10-count boxes of Purple Pinkie Donuts at www.purplepinkiedonuts.org      

Bulk orders can be placed through local Rotary clubs.