B&B Health Boutique salt cave

Breast and Body Health Boutique recently debuted a new addition to its offerings - a salt cave.

The Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting on Friday, April 23, to celebrate the opening of the boutique's therapeutic salt cave.

Owner Natacha Graham said the salt cave is just another way to promote wellness and holistic healing.

"I was doing some research on salt rooms and the only one relatively close to this area is in Mountain Brook," Graham said. "I really wanted one to be available in this are at an affordable price."

The salt room is designed to look like a cave. It's complete with lawn chairs and sand to give it a beach feel.

"I really wanted to bring the feeling of going to the beach and feeling relaxed here in the form of dry therapy," Graham said. "There's salt water at the beach, but here it's dry salt."

The salt cave utilizes a halo generator to crush and grind the salt so that it disperses into the air like fog.

Jen Chandler, B&B's licensed massage therapist, said salt therapy can be traced back thousands of years to the Grecian age. Although the benefits of salt therapy have been proven by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it has long been believed to treat internal and external inflammation, allergy issues, skin conditions, asthma, COPD and other respiratory ailments. 

"We use pharmaceutical grade Himalayan salt and it's really a great place to sit, meditate and relax," Chandler said.

There's a maximum of four people per 25-minute session. Because of COVID, guests won't be allowed to use the salt room with people outside of their family/friend group. Sessions cost $35 with discounts given if there are multiple people in the session.

So far, Graham said the salt cave has been well-received by the community. If there's a demand for it, she may expand and build a larger cave.

In addition to salt therapy and a licensed massage therapist, B&B also offers an infrared sauna and hydrotherapy.