Community Shred Day

As a service to the public, First Community Bank of Central Alabama is hosting a drive-thru Community Shred Day on Saturday, June 12, from 9 a.m. to noon.

The event is set to take place in the parking lot of the old thrift store that sits adjacent to the Wetumpka Civic Center. There’s a limit of three boxes or bags of documents.

Residents will not need to unload their bags or boxes. Bank employees will be onsite to unload and shred documents. A Shred-it truck will be on site to immediately shred documents.

Tanya Tyrone, senior vice president at FCBCA, said the event serves as a great opportunity for residents to get rid of documents that could compromise their identity.

“We really want to convey the importance of making sure your personal information is protected,” Tyrone said. “Identity theft is the biggest issue. Often times, how it happens is through dumpster diving. People will look through your trash to find the documents they need to steal someone’s identity.

“You might not think that certain documents contain any important personal information, but if a thief can get bits and pieces of information from various places, they can get enough to steal your identity.”

Tyrone said documents such as financial/credit card statements, medical statements, statements from insurance providers, documents about retirement accounts and billing statements need to be shredded.

Tyrone also provided information about practices that could help reduce the risk of identity theft. Opting to receive bills and statements electronically is one way to reduce one’s paper trail. She also suggested enrolling in a credit monitoring service advised against using the same pin or password for multiple accounts.