WES Ponchos

Submitted / The Herald

Wetumpka Elementary School teacher Anna Robertson and her class wear ponchos made by Olga and Chantel Diego. Uriel Diego, front row, far right, had the idea to give a poncho to each of his classmates after they showed interest in seeing him wear one to school.

Wetumpka Elementary School students recently spread kindness by complimenting another student.

Second-grader Uriel Diego likes to wear his poncho to school. Diego’s classmates and teacher Anna Robertson showed an interest in his outerwear and it wasn’t long before Diego’s mother and sister made a poncho, or sarape, for each student.

“He has three or four of them at home,” Robertson said. “One day he was wearing his at school. The students were telling him they like it. So, he went home and told his mom and sister. So, when he told him mom and sister they got the hint and decided they wanted to make one for each student.”

According to Robertson, she gave Olga and Uriel’s sister, Chantel Diego, the yarn in October. 

Robertson estimated it took approximately 220 yards to make each poncho. 

Uriel said he helped his mom and sister pick out the colors for each poncho and was really excited to give them to his 16 classmates and Robertson.

“You should have seen his face,” Robertson said. “He’s a shy student, but just that day you could see how his eyes just lit up.”

For the students in Robertson’s class, it was a chance to learn about Diego’s Spanish heritage and to own a handmade poncho.

Student Zayden Lewis said he had never seen a poncho before.

Unfortunately Lewis has not had a chance to use his. Lewis said his older brother, who is in sixth grade, laid claim to it and wears it a lot. 

Easton Wolf, another student in Robertson’s class, has had the chance to use his red, white and blue poncho.

“I’ve worn mine to class a few times,” he said.

Robertson said it was a surprise when the students were gifted the ponchos by the Diego family.

“My kids were not expecting this at all,” she said. “They did not even know it. It was a great thing for Uriel’s family to do for us.”