elmore county commission

Elmore County’s online sales tax revenue has proven to be a great benefit to Elmore County and its school systems.

At the Elmore County Commission’s Oct. 26 meeting, Chairman Troy Stubbs shared that during the last fiscal year, the county received more revenue from online sales than it projected, which resulted in more money going to schools in the county.

Stubbs said the county projected that it would receive $750,000 in online sales tax revenue. The county committed to give 25% of that to the county’s schools systems, Elmore County Schools and Tallassee City Schools. Funds for TCS are allocated on a per student basis, reflective of the students residing in Elmore County that attend school in Tallassee.

“The county actually received $1.271 million last year, which was more than $500,000 more than projected and in turn provided our schools with more than $300,000 last fiscal year,” Stubbs said.

Since the county began collecting online sales taxes about five years ago, Stubbs said there’s been tremendous growth.

Elmore County Schools Superintendent Richard Dennis said the funds serve as another revenue stream for the school system and goes into the system’s general fund.

“More funding allows us to provide more programs for students,” Dennis said. “For example, we’re striving to implement the Lead the Way program into all of our middle schools, which will require additional funds above what the state provides.”

Dennis said working together to offer the community more is a shared goal of the school board and the County Commission.

“We all have the same constituents,” Dennis said. “When we work together and pool our resources, we can do more with less money.”

Stubbs commended Dennis and the school board for their hard work to make Elmore County Schools the best that it can be.

“We are delighted that we can participate in that and we would only do that in the event that we knew that our school system was working in the fashion that it is,” Stubbs said.

Not every school system is fortunate to receive a portion of the online sales tax revenues, Dennis said. He only knows of three school systems in the entire state that get some of this funding and two of them are in Elmore County.