A teacher with the Elmore County School System has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a statement written by Elmore County Public Schools superintendent Richard Dennis.

"While it is unknown of the exact time the teacher contracted the virus we are advised by the ADPH to contact everyone that she may have had contact with over the last two weeks," Dennis said in a statement. "Therefore, out of our responsibility to students and employees, we are sending this notification to inform you that students attending Wetumpka Elementary, Wetumpka Middle, Wetumpka High, Redland, Eclectic Elementary and Elmore County High Schools may have been exposed to COVID-19 through contact with this teacher."

The prepared statement indicated the teacher works individually with specific students and visited these schools two weeks prior to showing symptoms of the illness.

Administrators will contact any student's parents that received direct contact by the teacher. 

Dennis asks the school population to seek medical guidance if you show signs of the coronavirus infection, make sure to inform medical staff a case of COVID-19 was confirmed at these schools and email Elmore County Schools lead nurse Suzanne Ragan at suzanne.ragan@elmoreco.com if anyone in your household produces a positive test.