The Elmore County Technical Center is recently added two new programs, aviation and HVAC, during the 2018-19 academic year.

According to Elmore County Schools Career Tech Director Jimmy Hull, ECS decided to add the two programs to the ECTC curriculum after recognizing the high demand for young workers in both fields.

“We look at certain industries, and if we see a need, especially in the River Region, that’s a program we want to provide,” Hull said. “We don’t want to prepare them for something that’s not there.”

Hull said ECS chose to add aviation as the result of a conversation between the Elmore County Board of Education and Auburn University.

“We began to realize that a retirement boom is going to leave open positions in the aviation industry,” Hull said.

Aviation classes will be presided by instructor James Stough.

“We’re excited to have him,” Hull said. “He’s a first-year teacher in the program.”

While ECS is equally excited to have the HVAC program, Hull said they have been working to get it started for years.

“We were waiting to get the teacher unit to be able to do it,” he said.

As with aviation, Hull said there is also a high demand for employees in the HVAC field.

“There’s a big need for HVAC technicians in the private sector and in government jobs,” Hull said.

Through the ECTC HVAC program, Hull said students will be able to learn a little bit about construction, plumbing and electrical work.

“It gives them a wide scope of skills,” he said.

While he did not say the exact number of students currently enrolled in the aviation and HVAC programs, Hull said he is expecting enrollment to increase at ECTC this year, and they are already working to grow each program to have between 60-80 students per year.