kyle futral

Principal Kyle Futral, left, talks with Mario Aldana, 15, at Holtville High School.

Needing a short-term job before going to dental school led to a career for Holtville High School principal Kyle Futral. 

Futral majored in cell biology and minored in chemistry at Huntingdon College and had a friend who was working in the Elmore County School System tell him about a science teacher’s position at Eclectic Middle School. Futral said he was hired two days before the school year began.

“I started teaching and liked it and never looked back and here I am today,” Futral said.

Futral, who has been Holtville High’s principal for three years, said he planned to teach for only a year but made education his career. Futral also taught and coached sports at Elmore County High School and was assistant principal at Holtville Middle School for a year. The Elmore County native graduated from Elmore County High School in 2003. 

Futral said one of his goals for Holtville High School in the 2018-19 academic year was implementing a block schedule with an hour break. Futral said the result was a decrease in the student failure rate.

“We were finding that the pace of the day was really fast,” Futral said. “We were trying to pack seven classes a day in and there’s really little time for anything extra.”

Futral said club meetings, tutoring and assemblies are held during the flextime.

“That times also allows us to take kids who are really struggling academically and pull them aside and make it mandatory that they attend some tutoring and get them some extra help that they need,” Futral said.

Futral said the school’s staff got the idea from a high school in Auburn.

“My overarching goal is to always keep our school moving forward to be a place where we adults in the school are always learning, growing and getting better at what we do and obviously finding better ways for kids to learn and grow,” Futral said.

Futral said he likes the school’s staff and student body and they make it an enjoyable place to work.

“I think our school is on a really positive trajectory, a lot of really good things are going on and I attribute that to the great folks we have working here,” Futral said.

Futral said HHS has 492 students and is growing. Because the school’s building was finished in the 1920s, Futral said the school may need to convert some computer labs into classrooms and have laptops on a mobile cart.

“We’re going to trade out classes of 110 and 120 and get classes of 150 and 160 from the middle school,” Futral said. “We’re growing rapidly. We are definitely busting at the seams in our building.”