Abby Weldon Eclectic Elementary School teacher

Daniel Dye / The Herald Eclectic second grade teacher Abby Weldon plays a spelling game with her students.

Editor's Note: This is part of a series of stories featuring Elmore County teachers.

Eclectic Elementary School second-grade teacher Abby Weldon’s love of reading is setting up her students for a successful school year.

“I had one student who was very discouraged when the school year started,” Weldon said. “She was unsure of herself, but by the end of the grading period she made all As and was excited and sure of herself. That’s what it is all about for me.”

Weldon, who is in her first year at Eclectic Elementary and in her first year as a second-grade teacher, tries to balance technology with traditional and fun learning methods.

“Tech is great but at the same time it can be a challenge because they do not want to sit and read,” she said. “Some would rather play a game or play on the computer. I’m trying to show them love of reading a book and figuring out what is happening in the book and use technology as a reward.”

She began her career at Wetumpka Elementary School and taught first grade for seven years.

“I loved teaching first grade,” she said. “Second-graders are starting figure out what they enjoy when it comes to reading.

“They are more independent in second grade, but they still have the love to learn and want impress their teachers. I like it because they can read a little bit better and I can challenge them a little bit more. It allows us to do some fun stuff.”

She holds dual degrees from Auburn University Montgomery in special education and K-5.

“I would like to eventually go into a special education classroom,” Weldon said. “I really like being in the classroom. I do have some special education students in my class now. They are my pride and joy and I do cling to them.”

Considering education runs in her family, chances are she will be involved in educating young kids for years to come.

“Education is in my blood,” Weldon said. “My mom and aunt taught. When was in second grade I realized teaching is what I wanted to do. Actually, I want to go back school and become a media specialist. I think being a librarian in my later years would be something to look at.”

Regardless of where she ends up, chances are her students will sharpen their reading skills. 

She’s married to Ben Weldon and they have two children.