The Wetumpka City Council unanimously approved Monday a public hearing for changing a zoning ordinance for a new law practice.

Wetumpka residents Heath and Jada Loftin plan on running a law firm on 508 West Bridge St., which is a residential zone, and need to change the property to a commercial zone to run the firm.

The hearing will be Aug. 5, the council’s first meeting of the month.

 “We’ve talked to all the neighbors and they’re very happy to have us as opposed to I think it was being rented in bad condition at that point,” Heath Loftin said. 

Heath Loftin has practiced law in Montgomery for 12 years and wanted to run his own firm close to where he lives.

“It’s a neat little house,” Loftin said. “It’s worth saving history. It’s got a lot of original wood from the 1930s and we’ve worked the last year and a half bringing out the natural color of the flooring and restoring this property.”

Loftin said he and his wife plan on keeping it looking like a house. The living room will be converted to a waiting room.

Mayor Jerry Willis said late artist and community coach Billy Moore lived in that house.

“Your location means a lot to a lot of us who lived near,” Willis said.

Willis suggested giving the Loftins some of Moore’s art to hang at the house.

“This guy contributed to his city and made a tremendous difference in the lives of people,” Willis said.

Councilmembers Lewis Washington Sr. and Lynne Justiss were not present at the meeting.

In other action, the city council:

• Unanimously approved to help pay around $70 a month to assist Main Street Wetumpka for using power and water from Alleyway.

• Unanimously approved purchasing an Exmart 60-inch mower for the MLK, soccer and football fields for $8,700.

• Unanimously renewed Recreation and Leisure Services coach Ron Dickerson’s $32,000 contract for the year.