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Santana Wood / The Herald The Wetumpka Fire Department is looking to make changes to Station 3 in the Wallsboro community.

Possible additions to Wetumpka Fire Department Station 3 and annexation for Wallsboro are on the table for the City of Wetumpka.

The Wetumpka City Council approved for the fire department to meet with McKee & Associates Architecture to look at Station 3 for additions to house trucks. 

Fire chief Greg Willis said Station 3 is 50 years old and was taken in by the City of Wetumpka in the 1990s.

“When you look at a station built in the 1970s just the size of the trucks back then, the chassis themselves were much smaller and we’re literally to the point where the trucks are growing and some of the stations built far back can’t even get that size truck in and out of it,” Willis said. “But we’ve seen a lot of growth up there both the residential and the commercial and we’re hoping they value the fire protection that we bring.”

Willis said he doesn’t know how much enlargements will cost yet until meeting with the architects. Willis wants to determine what the next few decades will be like for fire safety to make the right modeling decision for the building.

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Santana Wood / The Herald The Wetumpka Fire Department is looking to make changes to Station 3 in the Wallsboro community.

“There are two structure fire, brush truck and some utility stuff and boats,” Willis said. “And right now that station is entirely manned by volunteers and part of this process would be trying to determine if we could enlarge that station and add sleeping quarters and things like that that could possibly one day house 24-hour station. We’re trying to look forward that far and see what that community wants, what the needs are going to be, what they want, what they’re willing to invest in.”

Willis said the fire department is willing to hear feedback for designs.

Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis said the community of Wallsboro pays the city a fire fee for protections and the city is in talks with it of possible annexation.

“Annexing them into the city and becoming a part of the city because this is a major, major investment and to their community so to do it, this is the best time to do it,” Jerry Willis said. “Financially, it’s the best time to do it. So we’ll be talking with the businesses and with some residents in that area to see if there is an interest of them possibly wanting to annex into the city.”

Wallsboro has proposals for home construction in the area, according to Jerry Willis.

“That too is part of the reason we’re looking at expanding our presence in that area,” Jerry Willis said.