The Wetumpka Police Department is reminding residents who intend on hosting any type of public event the City of Wetumpka has an event permit ordinance in the books.

WPD said it wants all citizens to be aware of the ordinance after officers shut down a block party in The Level, an area located in west Wetumpka, on June 13.

Wetumpka assistant police chief Ed Reeves said he was surprised the city received calls from residents stating they had no idea an events ordinance existed.

“We were contacted by a lot of citizens that they had no idea that was a city ordinance,” Reeves said. “We just want everyone to know so there is no question. The city has a policy and it has to be followed.”

He said many residents are aware of the ordinance.

“The ones who are frequent customers and do these types of things (hold public events) know,” Reeves said. “They are always good about getting the application turned in.”

Reeves said the application process is free of charge and is important for first responders.

“We just need the information because it can create chaos if we have a medical emergency or fire department or police department emergency and we are trying to get to a scene,” he said. “We cannot get through if the streets are blocked.”

Anyone desiring to hold a public event must obtain an event permit application which is available at department. The organizer must include his or her contact information, the location and time of the event and the expected number of attendees.

This permit must be submitted to the WPD at least 10 days before the date of the event. 

Reeves said there are personnel and logistics first responders must consider to prepare for the event.

“Knowing the information from that permit give us time to make required arrangements to ensure there will be no traffic concerns and we can schedule the appropriate number of personnel,” Reeves said. “This will ensure the safety of all involved.

“The information from that permit allows us to notify our fire department and ambulance services as well. Also in the event there is an issue or violation of the permit, we can contact the organizer and alleviate those issues.”

Reeves said the event permit ordinance achieves several things.

“This is all done in order to ensure the safety of our citizens and allow better community relations between citizens and the police department,” he said. 

Reeves said there is no reason to ignore the ordinance.

“The permit process will be followed and any unauthorized events will be terminated immediately by the Wetumpka Police Department,” he said. “This should serve as a public notice to all citizens. We will enforce the permit ordinance and we want to do it in the best way possible for all involved. We ask that all citizens respect this ordinance and work with us to make all future events happy, safe and fun for everyone.”

Anyone who has additional questions or wants to read the city’s events permitting ordinance may call Wetumpka Police Department at 334-567-5321.