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A SERVPRO team member cleans a Wetumpka Fire Department truck in the parking lot of the Wetumpka Civic Center on Thursday.

SERVPRO of Montgomery sanitized Wetumpka’s first responder vehicles Thursday in the Wetumpka Civic Center parking lot.

Company representative Jennie Grant said it was a group idea to show appreciation for first responders by cleaning their service vehicles.

“It was our way to show we appreciate their service,” she said. This was a way we can do something to make them feel safer.”

The idea generated into what Grant called a drive-by fogging.

“We sit in a location and let the town know we are there,” she said. “At their convenience, the first responders come by with their vehicles.”

Grant described the process.

“We had an area where they could drive in and step out of their vehicles,” she said. “Three or four of us (employees) would fog and wipe down the vehicles. Anything they touched we wanted to be sure we treated just to give them some security.”

Grant said the cleaning process took around six minutes per vehicle and she lost count of how many vehicles and fire trucks were cleaned.

“We lost count,” she said. “But we had a good day. We were there from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.”

Grant said the company supplied first responders with a snack as their vehicles were disinfected. The fogging machine uses a hospital-grade disinfectant and the process takes only a few minutes.

“Five minutes later, they jump back in their vehicle and they’re off,” Grant said. “We accomplished what we wanted to accomplish which was to show them we appreciate their service.”

Wetumpka Police Department chief Greg Benton said he appreciated the cleaning company’s efforts. 

“It was a very nice gesture by SERVPRO,” he said. “We come in contact with a lot of people every day. Having a car that we know that is clean and sanitized is beneficial to our safety.”