The Kelly

Members of The Kelly gather around to find out how much money was donated to the organization by the Wind Creek Casino. Submitted

The Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery recently received a check from Wetumpka’s Wind Creek Casino for more than $20,000.

Belyn Richardson, The Kelly’s board president, said the gallery received the money as a part of the casino’s Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) program, which gives the customers of the casino the chance to donate what are typically low scoring tickets, usually one cent to a dollar, to a local nonprofit each month.

The donations amounted to $20,594.24.

Richardson said she met Kay Simmons, property manager of the casino and hotel, several months ago to discuss ways that the casino could help the gallery.

“We decided the TITO program would be the fastest, most tangible way that they could help,” Richardson said. “We were supposed to be the recipient in April, but then the casino closed because of COVID. We thought we had missed our chance, but then we found out that we would be the recipient for November.”

Richardson said the donation will go toward the renovation of The Kelly’s new gallery. In October, The Kelly purchased its permanent home at 124 Company Street in downtown Wetumpka. The roughly 1,800-square-foot gallery is expected to have its grand open in May, during which a new exhibit will be on display.

“This money will help keep us out of debt, and we are so thankful,” Richardson said.