Dear Editor,


What’s wrong with this picture? During their Oct. 23 meeting the Elmore County Commission approved a transition plan to replace the retiring county administrator despite serious unanswered questions that remain. The plan, promoted by county commission chairman, Troy Stubbs, was approved over the objections of Commissioner Earl Reeves, the chairman of the commission’s own Personnel Oversight Committee.

While Stubbs claims the plan will save taxpayers’ dollars by not replacing the administrator but instead redistributing her duties among current county officials for increased compensation, the commission has in fact created a new position. They have created a new position under the County Engineer and, as Reeves pointed out, he hasn’t seen the job description or salary analysis for the position. Nor is it clear how many current county officials will pick up additional duties and how much additional compensation they will receive.

Commissioner Reeves is clearly justified in raising concerns as to why this plan was being pushed through in such a rushed fashion while sacrificing standard protocols, procedures or practices in creating the new position. He stated, “When you rush stuff through like this it seems to me like, if your rushing it through, well then something’s got to be wrong.” I would encourage county residents to contact their commissioners to ask the same questions and demand that they provide answers on the record at the next commission meeting on Nov. 13.


Michael E. Waters