Dear Editor:

As a taxpaying citizen of Wetumpka, I find the complete lack of transparency concerning the ongoing investigation of Police Chief Celia Dixon and Deputy Chief Anthony Crenshaw appalling.

The latest snippet of news is that the city council is considering a vote to terminate her. Dixon and Crenshaw have been on paid leave since July 21, yet the city attorney has no clue when the probe will end, how much time independent investigator Dana Hill has spent on the case, when the investigation will conclude or what the cost to taxpayers will be.

Perhaps it’s asking too much for our elected officials to enlighten us lowly citizens of something that must be important enough for them to know and for us to find out.

Political skullduggery would not seem unusual in Putin’s Russia, but right here in down-home Wetumpka, Alabama?

The public’s right to be informed on issues that affect our community is just as important as our right to vote for politicians who will best represent us and serve our community’s needs in the future.

Keith Smith