Dear Editor:

Well, if nobody else will, I will stand with Sen. Ted Cruz.

Pundits, politicos and personalities all jumped on the bash Ted Cruz bandwagon Thursday.

I have more than 38 years of military service to this great country and I have never seen such cowardice as I have seen in the last week. Only one man has the courage to take a stand for what he believes.

Now, I do not know much about Cruz and his politics from Texas, but I  admire him for standing up to the lowest rated Congress in our country’s history and this makes me proud. I have been encouraging someone in this mud pit called Congress to stand up for himself and the rest of the people of this great nation since 2008.

The validity and integrity of Sen. McCain and Sen. McConnell and others of his own party is about as low as lizard skin boots on a rattlesnake’s underbelly.  No wonder the approval rate of Congress overall is at the hate level according to numerous articles recently; and the jellyfish backbone leader of the Senate called it “a waste of time,” but would call it constructive if his party were filibustering.

Cruz’ entire Republican party is as weak as a dysentery patient who just took an overdose of Epsom salts. Senator Cruz himself remarked, “Anyone who wants to know why this body is held in low esteem only has to look out to the empty chairs.”

His own party, specifically the Republicans in the House have taken dozens of votes to roll back Obamacare or kill it. Their efforts to advance is not because of the Democrat majority in the Senate, but because of the feebleness in the overall body of “pussycats” that Americans have sent to Washington to represent us in these dangerous times.

Where are the men of our forefathers?

Has anyone been introduced to courage today?

Maybe Senator Cruz is a spark of what we long for.

Washington and Franklin fought, spoke, suffered and the Liberator of America died, confiding to God the liberty of the people and his own soul. What must one think of the religious sentiment of a free people whose great figures seem thus to march in procession to annihilation and to whom that terrible minister, death itself, recalls neither the threatenings nor promises of God.

I know not; but certain it is that the nation has an immense progress to make in serious thought if she wishes to remain free and strong.

Great day Congress, stand up like a man!

Dale Bain



Dear Editor:

Why should Alabama, especially Elmore County, embrace the Affordable Care Act?

People will soon be able to start signing up for new health insurance plans under ObamaCare, also known as the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act. This landmark law will provide health care to more of our nation’s low-income people than anything ever has.

But that’s not all. It will benefit working middle-class Americans who have been declined health insurance simply because of pre-existing conditions like cancer or diabetes. Approximately 50 percent of Americans have a pre-existing condition and ObamaCare says that by 2017 this will be eliminated even for high-risk persons.

Of those millions of uninsured, 19 million are women. Up to 10.3 million of the low-income among them will now be covered by Medicaid by 2014 when the law goes into full effect. Although the uninsured tend to use less medical care, and therefore spend less than the insured, altogether they spend about $2.64 billion out of pocket each year.

With President Obama’s signature the law known as the Affordable Care Act is being implemented in January 2014 and some provisions on Oct. 1. Per U.S. data, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and most southern states have low wage earners and are highly Republican. They should embrace this law but unfortunately they oppose it.

There is a lot of push back from the county and state I once called home. Personally I have friends who live and work in Wetumpka who cannot afford basic health care by no faults of their own.

Employers may not offer it or someone may have a pre-condition. There are plenty of counties that have no primary care physician and no dentist, most residents have to travel to Montgomery for health care.

The Affordable Care Act allows coverage for those who cannot afford insurance by expanding the Medicaid program or offering basic coverage that is around $20 or even $100 for a family of four.

As a lobbyist and Democrat I know people will see me as a supporter of the President. This has nothing to do with my alliance with President Barack Obama, this is about being human and having compassion for those who cannot afford basic health care.

If a Republican thought of a universal health care law I would support it. If your child is 26 and younger he or she can stay under the parents health insurance. The law also provides states with options to opt in.

There is nothing more sickening then seeing this country not want to help each other for the good of man. Canada provides health care for all its citizens, why can’t the United States?

Nearly 643,000 Alabamians will be eligible. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said again this month that he won’t expand the state’s Medicaid system. I hope the city council in Wetumpka holds some kind of Affordable Care Act training for it’s residents. It’s time for Alabama to embrace and not revert back to its dreadful past.

Cory Sanders


Wetumpka Democratic Party