Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to see a photo of two men on the front cover of my Elmore County Weekend, only to discover a larger photo inside the front page.

My concern is this: What is this doing to our children?

I understand children cannot read your articles, but they can see your photographs.

As a long-time childcare provider my primary concern is for children, always.

I feel a moral obligation to teach children right from wrong in accordance with the Bible.

I understand the issue regarding same-sex unions is in fact news and should be discussed.

However, I do believe it was in poor taste for the paper to print a picture of two grooms standing arm in arm.

What did those photos accomplish?

Could the article not print without them?

As we dive into this hotly debated topic let’s remember the little ears that hear every word we say, the little eyes that watch every step we take and the little hearts that trust us to guide them.

Hazel Downs



Shocked, encouraged and challenged

 Dear Editor,

SHOCKED – ENCOURAGED – CHALLENGED – and all from one Sunday afternoon of reading Feb. 1 newspapers!

Shocked at the opinion of Adam Powell in our local newspaper.

Yes, we as a Christian community can see clearly that same-sex marriage is an abomination (mockery) to our God as stated in the Bible.

The “sanctity of marriage” is clearly outlined in Genesis 2:18-24. It is neither a myth, legend, or fairy tale. Its sanctity does come from a very long time ago, over 2,000-plus years.

One of the primary reasons we hold to the sanctity of marriage is because as Christ followers, we have chosen to view the Bible as our ultimate source of authority for both understanding and living life.

We don’t do this “blindly,” but rather thoughtfully and purposefully.

The Scriptures are the most historically sound documents ever produced, by far, and this is thoroughly documented by Christian and non-Christian scholars alike.

We have a worldview that holds to the notion that there is absolute truth and absolute moral right and wrong based on these writings.

It is certainly our intent as Christians to “uphold our convictions” within and outside the house of our God.

I refuse to accept as progress a lifestyle that is contrary to God’s desire for His creation.

Encouraged by Doug Smith’s letter to the editor in a Montgomery newspaper.  He states, and I agree, that certainly we are to be kind, compassionate, considerate, and loving toward all people; but this is about right and wrong moral standards.

No judge or elected officials can trump what God has identified as moral or immoral.

Challenged by Bobby L. Mays’ letter to the editor in a Montgomery newspaper.  He states, and I agree “this country continues to sink deeper and deeper into a morass of loose morals and anything goes. Despite the fact that millions of persons support same-sex activity, the teaching of the Holy Bible still stands sure and the moral fiber (what’s left of it) of our country was built on these teachings.  When sound-minded Christian values are thrown away, only unsound, wayward, anything- goes values will remain.”

Millions of other Americans do not support the pro same-sex marriage issue.

While we are expected to endorse and support the same-sex marriage initiative, we are seemingly urged to sneer at those millions and millions who do not support it.

God’s plan for natural sexual relationships is His ideal for His creation.

Unfortunately, sin distorts the natural use of God’s gifts.

Sin often means not only denying God, but also denying the way we are made.

The good news is that God can and will forgive sexual sins just as He forgives our other sins.

Larry Teel