Dear Editor:


I am truly ashamed of the citizens of Elmore County for allowing one of our hometown businesses to close. RJ’s Chicken Fingers closed on April 12. RJ’s had great chicken fingers, both fried and grilled, and the best chicken camp stew I have ever eaten.

But aside from the delicious food, its owner Richard Jones, a local citizen, was a strong supporter of Wetumpka and Wetumpka events. The restaurant was decorated with photos of Wetumpka activities and landmarks.

It sponsored a number of local sports teams and participated in functions such as the Taste of Elmore County. The primary employees were local students. You can’t get much more “hometown” than that.

Although Richard Jones is too much of a gentleman and a Christian to point any fingers (pun intended), the opening of a chain chicken place practically in the front yard of RJ’s was bound to hurt any passing-through, out-of-town business.

It is a real shame, however, that local people chose to support the chain chicken place rather than RJ’s after all that RJ’s gave back to its community. It is even more of a shame that the chain restaurant was allowed to locate where it did. Was that location on Highway 231 the only possibility for the chain to locate? I seriously doubt it.

Thanks for listening.


Mary Horton