Jody Fuller

Greetings from the Love’s Travel Stop just south of Huntsville. I just spoke to the teachers of Huntsville City Schools at the Von Braun Center. There were between 2,500 and 3,000 in attendance. It was an awesome experience.

I’d never been part of an in-service meeting of this magnitude. It was basically a big pep rally. I had a ball. Hopefully I inspired and/or motivated a few people. Teachers always inspire me.

Last week, I did McIntosh County Schools in the truly historic town of Darien, Georgia. I had a great time there. By the time this goes to print, I will have done Russell and Dale County schools along with Sylacauga City Schools.

It’s been an unforgettable week and very busy month. I was in several places between Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Dover, Delaware.

If you’ve missed my articles, I appreciate it. I should be good to go from this point on. Who knows? There’s always something going on here.

Last week, I had a gig at an educational conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas, a beautiful city, by the way.

Hot Springs is named after its hot springs. Many famous people from Babe Ruth to Al Capone visited the area for the hot baths.

Warm Springs, Georgia, is, of course, named after its warm springs made famous when President Franklin D. Roosevelt build a residence there due to its healing waters.

Then there’s Opelika. Somehow I missed out on living in Stink Creek, Alabama.

But I digress, as shortly after crossing the Mississippi River, Emily sent me a text.

“Hey everything’s fine. Just letting you know Bella bucked my momma and my momma hit her head. She did not black out but we are at the emergency room right now. Mimi drove us and Abby’s at maw maw’s ... don’t freak out because she is OK, just a little loopy.”

Two things: 1, Bella is Lucy’s horse and 2, Lucy is always a little loopy.

And, of course, I freaked out.

She’s OK, though. She’s still pretty sore, has a mild concussion and is still a bit loopy.

I got back from Hot Springs the next day and was home all day Friday but left for Texas early Saturday morning. My friend Jose had asked me to pinch hit for him for a gig. I didn’t mind but I agreed to it weeks before Lucy’s fall.

The event was called Humor for Heroes, a fundraising effort for the American Valor Foundation, which was founded by the Kyle family. Their son was the late Chris Kyle, former Navy Seal and author of “American Sniper.”

I was a bit worried because the festivities took place outdoors. I’m not a huge fan of performing comedy outside. It’s just not conducive to comedy although I have done it a few times from an ancient Egyptian amphitheater on the Red Sea to the Monkey Park in Opelika.

In spite of my worries, it went just fine. It was a fun crowd. I truly love The Lone Star State.

I didn’t get back to my hotel room until nearly midnight. What made matters worse is I had to fly out of Dallas at 6 a.m. and that was a two-plus hour drive. And I had to turn in my rental car.

Anyway, I slept a little over an hour and made the trip safely. I’m just glad I didn’t have to fly the plane. I would have had to call Jose to pinch hit for me. He’s an Air Force pilot, you see.

I left Atlanta and made the four-hour drive to Darien. I grabbed a bite and got to bed pretty early. After the event, I high-tailed it home, which is what I have to do now.

Until next time.

Jody Fuller is a comic, speaker, writer and soldier with three tours of duty in Iraq. He is also a lifetime stutterer. He can be reached at jody@jodyfuller.com. For more information, please visit www.jodyfuller.com