Dear Editor, 

Will your child be admitted to college with the new rules? It is most troubling to learn this week the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is being altered to give low scoring students an outside boost of their overall scores. Each student is being assigned an “adversity score” by the governing College Board that will remain unknown to the student and his or her high school..

The determining “adversity factors” are based on the family income, educational achievement, family housing status (public housing or own) and even whether the student receives a free or reduced lunch. Since the testing system is owned and totally managed by the College Board, it is the sole determining agency deciding a child’s score. 

The SAT was founded in 1926 and is required (as of 2018) by the majority of colleges and universities to determine admissions. While the American College Test (ACT) is available, institutions tend to lean toward the SAT and the SAT has become a measuring stick for college testing. This revelation smacks of left-wing socialism and brings back thoughts of affirmative action. 

Obviously, bright kids who work hard and achieve well but do not fall into the “adverse” category now will have a stacked deck against them. Is it right or fair for once-in-a-lifetime decisions affecting young lives are now being made by a private non-profit organization staffed by liberal left-wing bureaucrats? Yet, what are we to do?

James W. Anderson