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Holtville’s KK Dismukes pitched her first 7-inning perfect game of her career on Friday against Wetumpka.

With the postseason looming, KK Dismukes had one final moment to cap off her regular season career at Holtville. Dismukes pitched seven perfect innings and hit her 18th home run of the season to lead the Bulldogs to a 6-0 win over Wetumpka on Senior Night Friday.

“I’ve never seen that since I have been a coach,” Holtville coach Darryl Otwell said. “I told her that out of all of her accomplishments, that may be the most impressive to me. That’s a perfect ending to her regular season career.”

After sitting down the top of the Wetumpka lineup in the first inning, Dismukes hit a two-run homer to give the Bulldogs the lead for good. It was her 11th home run in the last five weeks.

Dismukes did not need any more help from the offense as she finished with 12 strikeouts. Holtville’s defense did a good job when needed, making no errors on six grounders and three flyballs. 

Seniors Cyndi Thornton and Zoe Lowe each added an RBI in the sixth inning to extend the Holtville lead. Senior catcher Haley Walker drew two walks and senior Jordan Cousins got the start in centerfield while batting leadoff. 

“I thought they performed really well and controlled their emotions on the field,” Otwell said of the senior class. “They had a really great showing and it was a perfect ending to the chapter of a regular season.”

Those five seniors have already won 96 games during their high school careers while many of them began playing for Otwell when they were in seventh grade. The class will look to continue to add to its win total but the goal is on more than the regular season wins now. 

“They set the bar high,” Otwell said. “They’ve won a lot of softball games and have worked hard to do it. They compete every day. To have a group willing to do that for a team, that’s special.”

Otwell said it is never easy to say goodbye to a senior class but knowing the area tournament awaits the Bulldogs at home this week took the sting out of it. He said there was not a better way to celebrate Senior Night but their careers are not over yet.

“They have put a lot of time into this program and it means a lot to them,” Otwell said. “We’re fortunate enough to host the area next week but senior night is still a special moment.”

Holtville will be looking for its fifth consecutive area tournament title and is the favorite entering play Thursday. The Bulldogs need just one win to advance to the regional tournament but Otwell knows his team will be pushing for more than minimum. 

“I have a veteran ball club and they understand the importance of the area tournament still,” Otwell said. “They’re focused and I think they’re prepared. We’ve been there and done that so we’re excited to start the playoffs.”

Wetumpka capped off its regular season with a 16-13 record but continued to test itself with tough competition until the end. The Indians were back in action on Monday for the area tournament at Stanhope.